Tuesday, April 20, 2021

The McLean County Discography is now available!

For the last several years we've been working hard to document every music recording with connections to Bloomington-Normal and McLean County, Illinois.  This includes musicians and artists that were born in the county as well as those that came to call it home.  The result is a discography of hundreds of records. 

From privately pressed singles to major label hits, the area has produced a surprising number of  releases in a variety of genres.  Rock, pop, R&B, jazz, country and folk are all represented here.

The discography currently covers 1939 to 1990 and is limited to vinyl (and shellac) record releases.  We hope to continue to expand this list to include other formats in the coming months. If you or someone you know from McLean County released a record, particularly before 1991, please get in touch and we can add it to the list. 

For the full list:  McLean County Discography

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