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Freddie Tieken, Jack Inghram and IT Records (Quincy)

In 1958, Freddie Tieken and the Rockers from Quincy, Illinois recorded two singles backing Byron "Wild Child" Gipson for Hit Records. 
     Despite Chicago, Illinois being listed on the label, Hit Records was based out of Peoria, Illinois.

By 1963, the Rockers had gone through several personnel changes.  Tieken remained but Wild Child had been replaced by Vernie Robbins on vocals and keyboards with Forrest Moore on bass and Jim Vandament on drums.   The newest member of the group was a high school student name Jack Inghram who joined Tieken on sax.

Despite his young age, Inghram also happened to own some recording equipment which the group used to record its first album By Popular Demand in the Fellowship Hall of the First Union Congregational Church in Quincy. 
"The Jinx" from By Popular Demand

The album was enough of success that Inghram and Tieken decided to move the recording equipment into Tieken's basement and start IT Studios as well as a companion record label:

Between 1963 and 1968, IT Studios produced approximately 20 singles and LPs released mostly on IT Records (*exceptions noted below) from artists and performers originating from Illinois, Iowa and Missouri.

IT Discography

IT 2301 Freddie Tieken and the Rockers  By Popular Demand  LP (1963)
IT 2302 Freddie Tieken and the Rockers - Humpty Jump / Bit By A Bug (1965)
IT 2303 ?
IT 2304 Freddie Tieken and the Rockers  Live! LP (1965)
IT 2305 Wild Child Gipson & the Katz & Jammers - Sweet Roll'n Stone / My Kinduva Blues (Sep 1965)
IT 2306 The Lancers - The Girl I Never Met / Gore (Sep 1965)
IT 2307 The Gallows - Come To The Party / Slow Death (Oct 1965)
IT 2308 Bunny Brown Reads Christmas Children Stories
IT 2309 Russ Ramsey - Deep In The Heart Of Texas / That's All (Jan 1966)
IT 2310 Johnny McCollum - See How A Poor Boy Has To Pay / Life Ain't Worth A Penny Without You (1966)
IT 2311 ?
IT 2312 The Intruders - Now That You Know / She's Mine (Sep 1966)
IT 2313 Plato and the Philosophers - I Don't Mind / C.M. I Love You (1966)
IT 2314 Johnny McCollum - Rockin' In The Rockies / Beauty's Skin Deep (1966)
IT 2315 The Gallows - Too Many Fish In The Sea / Remember Mary? (1966 * Maintain Records)
IT 2316 Gonn - Come With Me (To The Stars) / You're Lookin' Fine  (Sep 1967 * Merry Jaine Records)
IT 2317 ?
IT 2318 The Aquinos The Aquinos St. Thomas Seminary Hannibal, Missouri LP (1967)
IT 2319 ?
IT 2320 The State Of Confusion - My Fellow Americans / Buckwalter's Blues
This discography is a work in progress. Last updated on 7/16/19.

For more info about Freddie Tieken's life in music: http://freddietieken.com/