Golden Voice Records [South Pekin]

The house label for the Golden Voice Recording Co., a studio owned and operated by Jerry Milam in South Pekin, Illinois. The studio was in operation from 1966 to 1978.  See also Thunder, Stereo Village and Ledger Records.


3112The ShagsIt Ain't Easy / What Am I To Do1967
3114The ShagsDid I Say (That I Love You) / Talk To A Sidewalk1967
17865Berta ConwayCaravan Medley / Misty
70421Berta ConwayMarie / Jealousy1967
70714Jan CroxtonIt's Your Fault / Face Down1967
1201 (70737)The Back PagesGood Things In Life / We'll Go Walking1967
GV 45-500Gene GulletteCause I'm A Man / Jo-Ann
GV 45-501The Howard Jacobs FiveWhen Did You Leave Heaven? / Toot Toot Tootsie
GV 45-503
GV 45-504Jim Estes & BandEvil Off My Mind / Alabam
GV 45-506 *Buck Bitner & The JestersI'll Drink To That / Once Upon A Time1969
GV 45-507 *Alfonso WindbushMandolin Man / Well1969
GV 45-508
GV 45-509Eddie GreenI Could Have Gone Right / I'll Be Leaving You (In the Morning)
GV 45-511The ArmadasChristmas Wish / I Dreamt That I Was Santa Claus
GV 45-512The 4:15Hey! Eagle / Take A Little Time
GV 45-513Mouring 'OursMaria / Shake1968
GV 45-514The Fugitvies [sic ]Foolish / Unkind Words
GV 45-515Forest City SoundI Can't See / Dismal Shadows1968
GV 45-517Bill Hardesty & the Holiday BrassTurn Around Look at Me / Green Light
GV 45-520AbaddonBlues Tomorrow / Gotta Have It1969
GV 45-521Bob Cashen and Bill MayoAs Your Away / Sad Reflections
GV 45-522Blue IcePeople Get Ready / Too Many Answers1969
GV 45-523Jack AllisonOut of Reach / Love Me While You Can
GV 45-524Emil "Farmer" BillChristmas In A Barn / Christmas In A Barn1969
GV 45-527Midwest DelegationWe Love / Mr. Soul1970
GV 45-528Jim Estes and the Blue EchoesRainmaker / We've Reached the End
GV 45EP-529 *The Day SingersSoul Watcher / I'm Traveling Upward1970
GV 45-530Ridge RunnersWhite Lightning / Remember The Good Times1970
GV 45-531GulliverI'll Be the Wind/ Theme For An Imaginary Western1970
GV 45-5??Jean MartiniMy Heart Won't Forget / ?
834G-2329Bill RobertsI Don't Know What I'd Do Without You / I'm Just A Man1970
834G-2327The American Tea Co.I Want You Now / Don't Leave Your Love1970
834G-2377Gidians BibleThe Dream / Love Is The Answer1970
834G-2396Guy EdselSophia-Mia / Sixteen Tons1970
834G-2479Dion Nelson TrioTime Is Sand / Sticks & Stones1971
834G-2529 *Jim Estes & The Blue EchoesBallad Of Walter Reuther / Black Lake Michigan1972
834G-2544Souled OutI Don't Love You (Anymore) / In The Morning1969
834G-2630Suburban 9 To 5Sunshine Becomes You / Capt. Kangaroo1968
834G-2679Jay Michaels And The ReasonsLeavin' Home - St. Louis / For Once In My Life - Gettin' To Know You1970
834G-2715Heavy GunHigh Class Woman / You're On My Mind1971
834G-3001Strange BrewThe Loner / If I Could Go1969
834G-3003The D.J.'sKeep On Running / You Don't Know Like I Know1969
834G-3165Camaro BrigadeCynthia / On The Day You Said Good-Bye1970
834G-3414The Country Music Group from Lake Of The Ozarks Mo.Roscoe's Tune / Ozark Mountain Home // Wing Ding / If The Lord Should Call Tonite
834G-3475Rick Ringger & Jerry MeissHappy Heinold Hog / A Shoulder To Cry On1971
834G-3477The BrotherhoodI Just Can't Believe / Never Be Satisfied1971
834G-3481The New VicountsHarlem Shuffle / Your Kind of Lovin'1967
834G-3517Tim MorssWalk Me To The Door / Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line1971
834G-3519Dave And JohnnyTenor Guitar Shuffle / Mandolin Man1971
834G-3680Tommy MilesSatin Doll / Watch What Happens1971
834G-3740Bearded ClamPlease Don't Leave Me Blue / I Wish I Could Be Here1970
834G-3871 *The Helle Bros. And George Swinger (The Spoonriver Players of the Roaring Twenties)Soldiers Joy / Turkey In THe Straw / The Girl I Left Behind Me // Leave Me With A Smith / Alice Blue Gown / Home Sweet Home Waltz1970
834G-3896Bill ReevesRebecca / Rocky Mountain Fever
834G-39003's A CrowdKeep On Walking / No Where1968
834G-4052Johnny JohnsonI Can't Lose This Longing For You / Parchmen Farm1968
834G-4058The Rubber BandBetter Days / The Park Pavilion1969
834G-4092Brillo And The FirebirdsSome Place To Hide / Calling Red Rover1969
834G-4125 *Harry Rees & The Country ChordsDrums Of Tweedle-Dee / Galloping Fandango1970
834G-4232Midwest Spiritual SingersHe's Alright / Something On My Mind1971
834G-4278Berta ConwayThe Bells Of St. Mary / You Do Something To Me1968
834G-4294Zimmo's Thanatopsis(In A) Dream World / Does He Love You1968
834G-4317Stoned CreationIt's Only You / I Realize1970
834G-4370 **North Bridge CompanyCrying All Alone / Strange Land Strange People1968
834G-4512The Beggers Opera Co.Escape / Gone From Me1968
834G-4614Bobby MackA Mother's Prayer / Time To Move Along1968
834G-4884Johnny McCollumYou Broke The Link / Cheap Wine1968
834G-5159Bobby MackI'm Leaving You / The "Cost Of Love"1967
834G-5434OsgoodEverybody Sing / You'll Survive1968
834G-5472Peanut Butter ConformityBut Its All Right / Let The Good Times Roll1968
834G-5489Eddie GreenIs It Wrong (For Loving You) / Are You Teasing Me1968
834G-5778Suburban 9 To 5Flying On The Ground / I Wanna Be There1968
834G-5780Buster BrownsLovin Train / In The Morning1968
834G-5795Les Cripe & Frank JenningsTiger Rag / Sweet Georgia Brown1968
834G-5797Upson DownsDreary Down Street / Here Comes My Rainbow // That Certain Girl / Impossible Dream1968
834G-5964The Kountry Chandells Feat. Roger LeeHonky Tonk Angel / To Hide My Loneliness1968
834G-5966Jam FactoryGive Me The Right (To Love You Baby) / Good Lovin' Woman1968
834G-5968Brenda LasherAnother Time Another Guy / Love's Blue1968
834G-6087Jay MichaelsSunny / Fool1968
1970Wheezer LockingerGypsy Train / Through The Street I Walk Alone1970
19401Buddie HaganUnmitigated Gall / Raining In My Heart1970
EK-727John St. JainneListen To My Eyes / Like You Sometimes Do  1969
GV 7-01MaximusA Better Mind / Someone to Care
GV 7-02ArmadasAll Reminds Me of You / I'll Go On Loving You
GV 7-03FugitivesMona Lisa / Write Me A Letter
GV 7-04The Spirit Of Springfield QuartetHome To Live On High / Stayed Away Too Long
GV 7-06Nat Chambers & The Melody MakersTiger Woman / I Don't Believe You Love Me Anymore
GV 7-08Carl TrentJingle Bell Trucker / Don’t Say That You Can’t Love Me
GV 7-10 *BabeShe Called Me Baby / Hangin On
GV 7-12Bill ReevesDon't It Feel Good / If You Think You're His Woman
GV 7-13One Man BandGary's Blues / Midnight Hour
GV 7-15 *Curtis and Co.This Is My Life / Times and the Blues
GV 7-16 *GE Control Country
GV 7-17Red Boughton and the Golden RocketsThe Country Yodel / Sunday Morning Confession1973
GV 7-18 *Bobby Rigler & The RamblersWill You Be Mine / With You
GV 7-19Little Suzi BrawnerCountry Hall of Fame / Cheatin' Heart
GV 7-20Kent GordonHello Trouble / Let's All Go Down to the River1973
GV 7-21Jim KellyDarlin' Keep Writin' (You'll Always Be Mine) / Life of a Truck Drivin' Man
GV 7-22Debbie Sue HutchisonYou Ain't Woman Enough / Listen To A Country Song
GV 7-23Tim Morss and the TakersI Know You Told Me / Heartaches By the Number
GV 7-25Jerry MeissGood By Gridley High/ Gridley (My Home Town)
GV 7-26Timothy P. & Rural Routh ThreeJesus Scared the Hippy Out of Me / Cloudy in Kansas
GV 7-27The Spirit Of Springfield QuartetCrucifixion / Keep On Pushing (For The Lord)
GV 7-28Barbara LeBreck (Music & Lyrics by Gerald L. Daughters)Summer / Winter Love [Torch Record Co]
GV 7-30Ron BilliterWhen I Said Yes To Jesus / What A Savior Is He
GV 7-31 ***Daddy Warbux / Red Hot RiderJust Like A River / Catch the Breeze
780220Jones SingersHe'll Be There / Jesus Is The Way
780340FlightCan't You See That I Love You / And By Rights
780451Baxter BrothersWhirlwind / Soft Missouri Night
NR-5441 *CrissettesOne More Day / Faith
NR-5857Little Suzi BrawnerHappy Birthday Johnny / A Chance To Say Good-Bye
NR-6117( Lonnie Day )Memories / Even The Strong Get Weak
NR-6474Inside OutPlease Promise Me / It's Livin'1975
NR-6801Sandy BramlageWater Under The Bridge / Listen Spot
NR-7363Peter Hand BandTwo Time Woman / Rock And Roll People
9062The Soul SeekersMe and Jesus / What A Day That Will Be
This discography is a work in progress. Last updated on 7/27/23
  * no label name printed on record 
  ** also issued on Sand "G" (a misprint of S and G)  840G-3111
*** issued under two different band names, same cat#


200-05Tommy MilesThe Going Places Sounds ofGV
200-08BushesAssorted ShrubberyGrowth
200-12The HymnsmenThis I Believeno label
200-14Fredd Newell & Mike TemplinMake It MellowGV
200-15Various ArtistsMorton Singsno label
200-16Tommy MilesThe Organized Sounds ofGV
200-18Jerry MeissAsk Me If I Blame MeJosh
200-19Finchley BoysEverlasting TributesGolden Throat
200-21The MortonairesSearch Me O Godno label
200-23Sonnie BurtonPTLGV
200-34The New DirectionJourney Into JoyGV
200-35Auburn High SchoolBeginningsGV
200-38Joyful NoiseNativityno label
200-40Lou & Brad DykemanOur Brand Of Country3D
200-42Smith Family SingersSomething In The AirGV
200-43Janet KaySing Unto The SunGV
200-44Jerry MeissGreetings & FarewellGentle
200-45Barbara LeBreckBeans And Other DelightsWhale
200-48The Harris FamilyAin't That What It's All AboutGV
834G-3313The Missionaires QuartetHow Big Is Godno label
52Renegade w/ Bobby MackS/TGV
707The ArmadasPresent... Sounds of the Midnight HourGV
929Johnny JohnsonSings And SwingsGV
1001Jay MichaelsAt The Top Of The ArchGV
1513Gary Newton & His OrchestraCrowd PleasersGV
18069The Gospel Chords QuartetAt Calvaryno label
4976The Common BondShare This LifeGV
5000The Young FolkPresented by The Heart Of Illinois Fair
5001The Young FolkSing For... Youth FarmGV
7050HarperWaitin' Here Til Morningno label
USR-7657New Faith SingersGreater Is HeGV
NR 7769The NaturalsEspecially For YouGV
8658RaintreeThis Time We're Gonna Make Itno label
70759The MissionairesThe World Needs A Song?
770903CharityDidn't He ShineCharity
This discography is a work in progress. Last updated on 6/1/23


  1. I have a copy of single no. 780451 - Baxter Brothers, Whirlwind / Soft Missouri Night. They lived in Heyworth for awhile and played regular gigs at the Hickory House pub in the late 70s or early 80s. As I recall, the single was featured on WLS in which two new singles were pitted against each other and the listeners called in to vote on which one got more airplay. Can't recall if they won or not, but Whirlwind is a good rocker. They later made an LP more in the C&W vein.

  2. Hello, I am looking for any records made by Jim Estes and the Blue Echoes. Please reach out to me at my email if you can help me. Jim Estes was my grandfather. Thank you

    1. Jim Estes recorded three 45s at Golden Voice. Copies of all of them are with the Golden Voice collection at the Peoria Riverfront Museum. One of the 3 is on the the big wall if you enter by the theater. That one is "Evil Off My Mind" and "Alabam. There is also one in the window down the North Hallway. The songs are "Rainmaker and "We've reach The End." The one in the window can be played on your cell phone if you hold your QR on your phone up to the QR code. If you have a picture of the band, they are looking for one.