Vincent Records [Rockford]

Vincent Records was owned and operated by Vince "The Tailor" Chiarelli at 1528 Broadway, Rockford, Illinois.    
VR-101Vincent ChiarelliUnder The Mediterranean Moon / You1967
VR-102Mike ValloNadia / The Day Your Sorry1967
VR-103Mike ValloWhen You Left Me / Come With Me1967
VR-104Vincent ChiarelliYou Are Me Life / What Can I Do
VR-105Pete QuintoMister Democrat (vocal) / Mister Democrat (Instr)1968
VR-106Frank Guard & Bruce WardenSingalong At Shakey's  [LP]1968
VR-107Frank Guard & Bruce WardenSing-A-Long At Shakey's  [5 song EP]1968
VR-108Mike ValloI've Cried A Million Tears / Just For Judi1968
VR-109Mike ValloI Was A Fool / The Way The Wind Blows1968
VR-110The ExceptionGet Down / This Time Boy1968
VR-111Russ Blackwell and The Russ-lersI'm Sending Roses (To Say Good-By) / My Friends Say1968
VR-112The Town And Country SingersThe Greatest Treasure / I'm Sending Roses1968
VR-113The Town And Country Singers (Cliff Parman & Orch.)Yesterday's Kisses / A Man's Born To Love A Woman1968
VR-114Harriette BlakeTeenager's Prayer / Tonight, Tomorrow1968
VR-115Russ (Big Daddy) BlackwellThat Female / I Just Don't Have The Time1968
VR-116Vincent CarelliBimba, Bimba, Bella / Till Then, Arrivederci1968
VR-117Russ (Big Daddy) BlackwellThe Little Monster / An Angel Wanted Me1968
VR-118Pete Quinto // Dave Remington QuartetMr. Citizen // Mr. Citizen's March1968
VR-119PiscesGenesis II / The Carnival Show1968
VR-120Music City Minstrels Cliff Parman & OrchYesterday's Kisses / I'm Sending Roses (To Say Good-By)
VR-121Harrelleers // Dave Remington QuartetCome On Ye Cubs // Mr. Citizen March
VR-122PiscesMotley Mary Ann / Bring It Along Brother1969
VR-123Ernie Veer (Midwestern Gentlemen)God's Country / Two Lonely Stars1969
VR-124Lorenzo Carpenter & The Black HeritageMy Black Sister / My Black Sister (Instr.)1969
VR-125BrunerSam / Oh Lord1969
VR-126The Italian Country Boy // The 2 LatesIt's Beginning To Look Like The End // That's What Blue Is
VR-127Joey IrvingDon't Throw Our Love Away / What's The Use1972
VR-128Little Lee LeThose Tears Look Good On You / You Pass Me By
VR-129The Italian Country BoyThe Italian Country Boy / Forever More My Love
VR-130Joey IrvingWhat Happened To The Love We Knew / Can You Handle Me Girl
VR-131Smokin' BrainBenny's Crib / Early Marriage Blues1973
VR-132Just UsWe've Got A Good Thing Going / How I Love You1973
VR-133PiscesA Homesick Feelin' / It's Beginning To Look Like The End
VR-134Shirlee ReeI Could Lose My Mind / That's What Blue Is
VR-135Vincent ChiarelliLove Me! Love Me! Love Me! / Don't Ask Me Why
VR-136Vincent ChiarelliCrazy Rooster (Lu Gaddu Pazzu) / Piccolina (Tiny Girl)
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