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Dave Scherer & The Castels, Charles J. Givens and "Sloopy" (Decatur)

In early 1965, Dave Scherer and the Castels from Decatur, Illinois released their second single, "Everybody's Doin' It (The Penguin)," on Loki Records.

Members of the group were:  Dave Scherer (vocals & bass), George Hickman (guitar), Jack Trowbridge (sax), Jim Seitz (sax), Chuck Jordan (drums)  and Dee Brownson (organ).

The single was recorded and produced in Nashville by Decatur native, Chuck Givens, who ran a studio there.  Despite not being a member of the group, Givens took a writing credit on both songs of the single.  The b-side was "Sloopy Can Penguin."

Shorty after the single's release, the Decatur Daily Review ran several articles suggesting that the single was a hit and had already sold over 200,000 copies. 
Decatur Daily Review  Feb. 14, 1965
Mar. 22, 1965
In July of 1965, Scherer and the Castels recorded and released their third and final single, "My Dog Spookie" / "Tell Me Who She Is."   Again, both songs were recorded with Givens in Nashville and again the Decatur Daily Review ran an article suggesting the song was on its way to being a big hit along with other bold claims regarding the records promotion and national distribution. These claims along with those printed about the earlier release seem to be based in pure fantasy.

That same month, the McCoys released their first single "Hang On Sloopy."  The McCoys were originally known as Rick and the Raiders from neighboring Indiana.   Rick Zehringer (who would soon change his last name to Derringer) and his band were invited to record in New York by another group, the Strangeloves, who they had opened for and played with in Ohio.  The Strangeloves it turned out were a group of New York songwriters and producers looking for a group that looked and sounded like the Beatles.  For "Hang On Sloopy," Derringer's lead vocals were added to the Strangeloves' already recorded backing tracks.  Released under the new band name, the McCoys, "Hang On Sloopy" was a number one hit by October of 1965.  

Six months after it went number one, the Decatur Daily Review ran another outrageous article suggesting that "Hang On Sloopy" was based on Scherer's "Sloopy Can Penguin."  The article even claimed that Scherer and the group would be receiving a royalty of a penny per copy on the McCoys' hit single.

Mar. 2, 1966
While it is true that “Sloopy Can Penguin” predates “Hang On Sloopy” by roughly six months, both appear to have been based on “My Girl Sloopy” which was written by Bert Berns and Wes Farrell and released by the Vibrations on Atlantic Records in early 1964  - a full year before Scherer and the Castels.

Much of the misinformation regarding the authorship of "Sloopy" seems to lead back to one man and it would only get worse as the years went on. 

Charles J. Givens was born in Decatur, Illinois in 1941.   As a teenager he played in a local band known as the Quintones.  By the mid-1960's, Givens had moved to Nashville where he ran a recording studio, booking agency and record label.  During this time he recorded and produced a handful of records including the two singles by Dave Scherer and the Castels as well as other Decatur groups such as the Chosen Few and Eugene and the Fugitives:
According to Givens, the recording studio burned down in 1966 which was uninsured and left him broke.  As a result, Givens left the music business and sought his fortune elsewhere. 

Over the course of the next decade, Givens would reportedly make and lose millions of dollars at various business ventures.   By the 1980's however, Givens had become a multi-millionaire by giving motivational lectures and selling personal financial advice.  By the end of the 1980's, Givens had become a get-rich guru and a best-selling author.   He hosted a weekly radio program and was a regular on syndicated daytime talk shows and late night infomercials. 

It was also during this time that Givens began publicly claiming that he had written "Hang On Sloopy."  Sometimes he claimed to have sold the song for next to nothing or even had given it away and other times he claimed to have gotten rich off the royalties.  He would continue to tell a version of this fabrication in interviews throughout the 1980's which were printed in newspapers all over the country.  In a few articles he was even photographed on his sailboat named "Sloopy" of course.

At some point in the late 1980's, Givens' claim was challenged by a lawyer representing Wes Ferrell, one-half of the writing team behind "My Girl Sloopy."  From a Los Angeles Times article dated May 14, 1989:
Confronted with all this by Farrell's lawyer, Givens now claims he  wrote a song called "Sloopy Can Penguin" in the early 1960s that he called in a letter to Farrell's lawyer "a new dance idea that we had almost identical to Hang On Sloopy."  He blames the media for improperly crediting him with writing Farrell's song, even though publicity materials he distributed at the time said he wrote "Hang On Sloopy" and sold the rights "for peanuts."  Just about every article about him at the time also mentioned he wrote the song.
In a  November 7, 1993 article in the Orlando Sentinel, when asked whether or not Givens wrote "Sloopy Can Penguin," Dave Scherer responded this way, "God love him, Chuck's my friend, but Chuck sometimes claims for himself things that other people have done."  Scherer added, "Of course, he promoted my group and produced the record, but he didn't write the song."

With Givens' claims completely refuted, it would seem that any confusion regarding the authorship of "Hang On Sloopy" would be settled.  Yet, in a strange twist of fate it is Rick Derringer that has kept Givens' lie alive.   In a 2012 interview, Derringer innocently mentions an article published in a St. Louis newspaper that someone had sent him where a successful businessmen claimed to have written the song while in high school and sold the rights for next to nothing. 

It is obvious that this article was written about Givens sometime in the 1980's.  Derringer, not realizing that Givens claim had been disproved years earlier, seems to believe it completely.  He even conflates a few of the details and as a result, the idea that "a high school kid from St. Louis" wrote "Hang On Sloopy" persists to this day.   

At the same time, the myth that the McCoys' hit was somehow based on Dave Scherer and the Castels' b-side never went away either as this 1995 article in the Decatur Herald & Review demonstrates:

By the early 1990's, Givens' empire was starting to come apart as he became the target of multiple lawsuits and investigations.  He died from prostate cancer in 1998.

Dave Scherer passed away in 2008.   His obituary read, "Dave was well known throughout Decatur for the past 45 years for his various bands.   He wrote Sloop Quin Penguin in the early 60's which was sold to the McCoys and renamed Hang On Sloopy."

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WESN Show #36 - Dec. 12, 2019

Rockin' Roulette

ClawCathouse StompDiggin' InGDS1980Peoria
FarmStatesboro BluesS/TCrusade1971Mt. Vernon / Sparta
Duke Tumatoe & the All Star FrogsIt's A LieRed Pepper Hot!Trouserworm Tunes1976Champaign-Urbana
R.E.O. Speedwagon157 Riverside AvenueS/TEpic1971Champaign-Urbana
StrongholdBig Man-RCA1971LaSalle-Peru
The Finchley BoysWho's Been Talkin'Everlasting TributesGolden Throat1972Champaign-Urbana
FuseCruisin' For Burgers -Epic1969Rockford
Ilmo SmokehouseWatch Jimmy CrashS/TRoulette1970Quincy
Dave Chastain BandOne In The SunRockin' RouletteRumble1980Peoria
The JetsBe For Me- Marigold1974Pekin
Daddy WarbuxCatch The Breeze-Golden Voice1975?
David ChalmersHotel RoomPrimeval RoadRiver1976Bureau
Head EastNever Been Any ReasonFlat As A PancakePyramid1974Champaign-Urbana

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WESN Show #35 - Nov. 21, 2019

You Keep Me Hangin' On

Inmates, morticians, night owls and rockers unite!   A collection of 1960's rock, pop and a little bit o' soul from downstate Illinois.  Plenty of covers in this show:  Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly and others.   

Plus we hear a "Sloopy" song from Decatur that came out six months before the McCoys' bubblegum smash hit "Hang On Sloopy."

Freddie Tieken & The RockersLittle Latin Lupe LouIT1965Quincy
The InmatesAround and Around (live at ISU's Wright Hall)Reaction1966Bloomington-Normal
The IntrudersThe World You've Created (In Your Mind)Claremont1966Rockford
The Nite-OwlsCome On BackRembrandt1966Carbondale
Bobby LeeEverydayDecca1961Peoria
Bill Keen & The TradewindsDon't Call MeLesley1961Bloomington-Normal
Paul Bearer & The MorticiansBarbara- no label -1965Paw Paw
The HolidaysI Want To Do ItDixie1966Springfield
The War LordsI've Got It BadThor1966Bloomington-Normal
The VanguardsRoll Over Beethoven- no label -1966Mendota
Jim Friis & The ValiantsBop A LenaAllstar1963Rockford
John MarkTribute To TobinBig J1962DePue
The Staccato'sMoondogKandy Kane1964Peoria
Dean Carter SoundMary SueTell1967Danville
Lee RustDid You Ever Kinda WonderRofran1965Bloomington-Normal
Dave Scherer & The CastelsSloopy Can PenguinLoki1965Decatur
The KokaysTalken GirlMilam1965Peoria
The Changing TimesYou Keep Me Hangin' OnThunder1967Bartonville
The Other SideLawdy Miss ClawdyMotion1969Peoria
Willie Guitar Taylor & The Dark Cloud BandForty Going NorthM.S.R.1968 / 1971Decatur



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WESN Show #34 - Nov. 14, 2019

STARDAY-DIXIE-NASHVILLE : Downstate "Custom Series" Singles 1957-1967

A selection of 45s by downstate Illinois musicians released by Starday Records as part of their custom pressing series.   

Starting in the mid-1950's any group or singer could send Starday their recordings.  In exchange for $115 and the publishing rights, the record company would provide the artist with 300 copies of their own single to send out to radio stations or to sell.  On the early releases, artists often used their own label names.  Later on Dixie and eventually Nashville were used for these vanity pressings.
Bobby MackWaiting For You To CallB-Mac1958Peoria
Art Buchanan w/ The PioneersQueen From Bowling GreenDixie1960Wayne City
Bill & Ben and the Arkansas TravelersThe Sun Shines BrighterTraveler1958Champaign-Urbana
Carl Trantham w/ The Rhythm All StarsDeedle Deedle DumStarday1958Peoria
The Beck BrothersJust Like YouMid West1960Colechester
Carl Trantham w/ The Rythm All StarsWhere There's A Will (There's A Way)Lincoln1957Peoria
Bobby MackWho Put The Blues In Your HeartDixie1959Peoria
Art OntarioIt Must Be MeDixie1959Wayne City
Lyle KeeferA Fool Doesn't KnowLincoln1959Elmwood
The Beck BrothersScreamin' MamieMid West1959Colechester
Howard Mayberry w/ The Sangamon BoysThis Just Can't Be Puppy LoveDixie1961Decatur
Ray KingI'm An Old Pipe LinerNashville1963Pekin
Junior Garner w/ The Sangamon BoysBlind DateDixie1961Decatur
Jim DurdelBright Lights UptownNashville1962Arthur
Bill & Ben & The Arkansas TravelersMy One MistakeNashville1961Champaign-Urbana
The CasualsIt's Gonna Work Out RightNashville1964Decatur
The HolidaysConcussionDixie1964Springfield
Bobby MackTell You What I'm Gonna DoNashville1967Peoria
Jim Wheeler & The Country PlayboysHughes RambleGen-Nell1964Danville
Gene PiersonEngineer MountainNashville1963Springfield
Marguerite SandersSecond Fiddle To An Old GuitarStar1967Sullivan
Junior GarnerGo On And Live With The DevilNashville1963Decatur
Art Buchanan (aka Art Ontario)
Jim Durdel
Ray King

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WESN Show #33 - Halloween 2019

Monsters, Murders, Nightmares and A Dog Named Spookie

The Staccato'sNightmareKandy Kane1964Peoria
Jimmy Friis & The ValiantsSerpents and SpidersRidge1964Rockford
The EchosHauntedSage1960Mattoon
Ronny & JohnnyMassacreLucky1960Danville
Eldon RiceHillbilly SwampmanWhite Label1965Carrier Mills
Russ (Big Daddy) BlackwellThe Little MonsterVincent1968Rockford
The HolidaysPearl DiverDixie1963Springfield
Dean CarterShadow of EvilBig Beat196?Champaign-Urbana
Keith Dorrough & The ThunderbirdsWindy CityRoyce1964Oblong
Howie Thayer & His Psycho-Electric HappeningMovin' Groovin' Fairy TalePsychedelic Sounds1968La Moille
Kookie Cook & The SatalitesSpace MonsterBig Beat196?Danville
Lloyd HaunMorbid MelodyBonny1971Bureau Co
The 12th KnightDeath RowBig Beat1972Danville
Dave Scherer & The CastelsMy Dog SpookieTalmont1965Decatur
Brillo & The FirebirdsCalling Red RoverGolden Voice1969Macomb
Ron CarrollHarold, You're So WeirdCo-field1976Metamora
North Bridge CompanyStrange Land, Strange PeopleSand "G"1968Peoria
The LancersGoreIT1965Quincy
Sound effects heard during this show were from a found ¼ reel to reel tape simply labeled "Halloween Sounds." 
Sources unknown.  Courtesy of Reverberation Vinyl.


The Holidays
Jimmy Friis & The Valiants
The Echos