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A Psychedelic Six-Pack of Sound (1968)

A Psychedelic Six-Pack of Sound compilation album was originally released in 1968 on the Summit label.  The LP consists of six bands from central Illinois with each group being represented by two songs.  The album was produced by Ronnie Dale and recorded at Fidelity Sound, 120 North Bloomington Street, Streator, Illinois.  See original liner notes below for more details about the groups.

A bootleg reissue of the LP was produced in 1997 by Lüstbütt (knotfurguthen).   

The Sounds Of Us

The Sounds of Us have been together a little over one year.  Their popularity is attributed to their unique sound of a driving beat matched with Rhythm, Lead and bass Guitar with three part vocal harmony.   They also, on occasion, add a trumpet or sax as further proof of their versatility.  They all originate from the Ottawa-Marseilles, Illinois area.  Members of this popular group are:
  • Joe Halterman, Drums & Vocal
  • Brian Gunderson, Guitar & Vocal
  • Jim Travis, Bass Guitar & Vocal
  • Greg Lowery, Bass Guitar, Trumpet, Sax & Vocal
Tracks:   "True" (Greg Gary)  & "What Would You Say" (Gunderson)

The Coming Generation

One of the finest Rock 'n' Roll groups in the area.  The Coming Generation all hail from the Dwight, Illinois area.  They have been together for about one year, and have been very actively performing in many of the area schools, youth centers, and in several Battles of the Bands.  The Coming Generation is composed of the following members:
  • Steve Eddington, Lead Guitar
  • Roger Eddington, Electris Bass Guitar
  • Ed Connor, Rhythm Guitar
  • Girard Steichen, Drums
  • Bob Frobish, Organ
Other members:
  • David Larimer, Bass 
  • Peter Spandet, Drums
Tracks:  "Without You" (S. Eddington)  & "Down To The City" (Connor)

Sept. 22, 1967 - Streator, Illinois

The Rising Tides

The Rising Tides originate from the LaSalle-Peru area and have been entertaining the public for the past three years.  They have played throughout the state of Illinois, and have appeared on television on four occasions.   They were honored in placing ninth out of 90 bands appearing at the Illinois State Fair in 1967.  Personnel of the band are as follows:
  • Paul Kinsella, 18, Lead Singer, LaSalle
  • Dan Carlile, 17, Lead Guitarist, Tonica
  • Phil Clark, 19, Rhythm Guitar and Composer, Peru
  • John Prey, 21, Bass Guitarist, Oglesby
  • Johnny Johnson, 19, Drummer, Oglesby
Tracks:  "Little Girls" (Clark)  & "The Girl's Made Good" (Clark)

The Mavericks

Specializing in Country & Western music, this popular group also plays various types of music.  They have been performing together for one year, and have played at such places as the Ramada Inn, Middy's Tap, High School Dances and were guest performers on the Barn Dance.  Here are a few interesting facts about the personnel of this group:
  • Bob Jessen, 17, the drummer, is a Junior at Marquette High in Ottawa, Ill.  His hobby is sports.
  • Ed Kauzlarich, 16, is the organist.  He is a Sophomore at Ottawa High.  His hobbies are Speech and Electronics.
  • John Nelson, 14, is the Bass Guitarist.   He is a Freshman at Marquette High.   His hobby is sports.
  • Lyle Nelson, 15, Leader of the group, plays Guitar, and is the Lead Singer.   He is a Sophomore at Marquette, and his hobbies are sports and music.
  • Vicki Nelson, 20, is a Sophomore at Western Ill.  She sings with the group whenever possible and gives music as her hobby.  She plans to become a teacher.
Tracks:  "If You Had Just Been Good" (L. Nelson)  & "Trains" (L. Nelson)

The Sound of Fury

The Sound of Fury are known as one of the finest bands to come out of the LaSalle-Peru area.  They have been performing at School Dances, Teen Centers, Clubs, Battles of the Bands and many other functions.  Personnel of this fine group are:
  • Joe Zeman, Lead Guitar
  • Jerry Kaszynski, Rhythm Guitar
  • Bill Wangler, Bass Guitar
  • John Zokal, Drums
  • Jack Sadowski, Organ
  • Mark Wangler, Vocalist
Tracks:  "I Don't Need You" (Zeman)  & "I Can't See You" (B. Wangler)

The Eighth Day

The Eighth Day originate from Toluca, Illinois.   They have been playing together for about 1 1/2 years.  They are truly a versatile band, since they play Rhythm and Blues, Standards, Polkas as well as Rock 'n' Roll.  They have been playing in many of the area High Schools, Colleges, Teen Centers and have played out of the state on several occasions.  The members of this very popular group are:
  • Jack Reginald, 21, Lead Guitar
  • Gary Spires, 18, Vocalist
  • Bob Baldwin, 18, Bass Guitar
  • Greg Orrison, 16, Organ
  • Steve Shafer, 16, Drums
Tracks:  "Ten Below" (Spires, Reginald, Baldwin)  & "What You're Doin' To Me" (Reginald, Spires, Shafer, Orrison)

Special thanks to Dave Lijewski for turning me on to this record.

Hear tracks from A Psychedelic Six-Pack of Sound on Episode #46 of the Downstate Sounds radio show!


  1. Hi, it's crazy to think that our album would be on YouTube! As I recall, we had to record each song in just one that's what we did! The second song was written on the spot in the studio. Funny to think back on it now after so many years. Thanks for posting!
    Jerry Kaszynski (rhythm guitar - Sounds of Fury)

  2. Will this album be re-issued on cd or record?

  3. I Can't See You by The Sound Of Fury sounds like a rewrite of I Can't Reach You by The Who, Lol

  4. Yes, these recordings had to be done in a single take - no warm up - no sound check beyond “on” or “off” , barely had time to tune up! Pretty crude but over 50 years later, here they are available world wide at the touch of a button! (PHIL CLARK) The Rising Tides